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Shaping Peace through the Arts

Students March for Peace

CityNews report on the over 500 students who joined together for a march trhough the Canadian Museum of Human rights.

Why does our world need Peace Literacy?

Paul K. Chappell discusses the movement to create a peace literate world. Peace literacy is a movement of educators and concerned citizens who want to empower people with the training, skills, and understanding needed to heal the root causes of our problems, rather than merely addressing surface symptoms. A peace literate world is a secure, just, and prosperous world. You can learn more at



Why World Peace Is Possible

West Point graduate and Iraq War veteran Paul K. Chappell speaking to 1200 people at the outdoor Hall of Philosophy of the Chautauqua Institution about realistic hope, the need for peace literacy, the myth that human beings are naturally violent, and the possibility of ending war between nations.


PEG - Exploring Connections to the Global Peace Index

Rotary D5550 World Peace Partners - PEG - Presentations provided by Heather Block (United Way) & Charles Thrift (IISD) representing PEG and exploring connections to the Global Peace Index on Sep 24 2016 at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg, Canada. PEG is Winnipeg's community indicator system, measuring the health of our community year over year – in ways that count. It is the starting place for Winnipeg citizens, educators, policy makers, and many others to learn more about our city so we can lead change to create a better city for our children and their children. Learn more at

Elementary School Kids March for Peace

City News covered the march for peace at the Forks in Winnipeg.

Peace Days 2017


Global Citizenship for everyone around the world ...

Can I Change The World?


Rotarian Action Group for Peace (
Attention all Rotarians: Here is a Resource Package for promoting membership in Rotarian Action Group for Peace.
David G Newman, Q.C. serves as a member at large on the RAGFP board for a three year term July 1 2016 to July 1 2019. 
To learn more about this Rotarian International Group for Peace (RAGFP) representative of the whole geography of the world, go to
Adventures in Global Citizenship – Reflections 2012