Our Volunteers

Active Rotarian WPP Committee Members (* Executive)

*Ken Krebs, Co-Chair WPP and Past District Governor D5550 (2015 – 2016), Rotary Club of Gimli

*Nancy Morris, Past Co-Chair WPP & member of EIHR (AGC) sub-committee, Past District Governor, Rotary Club of Winnipeg – Charleswood

*David G. Newman, Q.C., Co-Chair WPP, Co-founder and original Vice-Chair of WPP, Co-Chair and Co-Founder Peace Days Planning Committee (a sub-committee of WPP) & member of EIHR (AGC) & RAHR sub-committees & Rotary Club of Winnipeg

*Don Phillips, Vice-Chair & Treasurer of WPP & Member of EIHR (AGC) sub-committee & St. Boniface-St.Vital Rotary Club

*Irwin Kumka, Member of WPP, Sub-Committee Co-Chair of Rotary Adventure in Human Rights (“RAHR”), West Winnipeg Rotary Club

*Robert Tisdale, Member of WPP, Sub-Committee Co-chair of Rotary Adventure in Human Rights (“RAHR”), Rotary Club of Winnipeg

*Estelle Lamoureux, Member of WPP, Sub-Committee Chair of UNESCO Schools Project & Member of RAHR committee & Peace Days Planning sub-committees, Rotary Club of Winnipeg

*Dave Morris, Member of WPP, Member of EIHR (AGC) sub-committee, Rotary Club of Winnipeg – Charleswood

Marty Friesen, Member of WPP, Rotary Club of Gimli

Siddha Param, Member of WPP, Member of RAHR sub-committee, Rotary Club of Winnipeg – Transcona

Brenda Newman, Member of WPP, Member of EIHR (AGC) & RAHR and Peace Days Planning Sub-Committee, Rotary E-Club of One World

Alka Kumar, Member of WPP, Member of Peace Days Planning Sub-Committee, Rotary Club of Winnipeg

Eduardo da Costa, Guest Member of WPP, Rotary Peace Fellow Alumnus, Global Peace Index Ambassador

Nancy Cosway, Member of WPP, Rotary Club of Winnipeg


Rotary & Rotaract Volunteers

Patricia Kumbakisaka, Member of Peace Days Planning Sub-Committee. Rotary Club of Winnipeg & Rotaract Club

Tsungai Muvingi, Member of Peace Days Planning Sub-Committee, Rotoract Club


Peace Days Planning Sub-Committee Members (Who are not Rotarians)

Gary Senft, Co-Chair Peace Days Planning Committee

Darcia Senft

Julie Turenne-Maynard

Perry Kimelman

Judy Slivinski

Melanie Olivero

France Adams

Linda Connor

Sandra Krahn

Taisa Monastyrski

Derek Bentley

Eduardo da Costa, Rotary Peace Fellow Alumnus

Cintia da Costa


Honorary Life Members

Rod Riopel, District Governor

Cam King, Past District Governor, Co-founder and original Chair of WPP, Rotary Club of Winnipeg

Myrna King, Original Secretary of WPP, member of Rotary Club of Winnipeg


Ambassadors for World Peace Partners

Dr. Pat Chernesky, Past District Governor (2014 – 2015), Nipawin Rotary Club

Eva Vida, Past District Governor, Rotary Club of Winnipeg Club

Rick Hubbs, Past District Governor, The Pas Rotary Club

Ed Thompson, Past District Governor, Winnipeg Charleswood Rotary Club

Past District Governor Doug & Dona O’Brien, Flin Flon Rotary Club

Jean Oliver, Selkirk and District Rotary Club

Leith Robertson, Co-Founder of Music for Peace Concerts 2010 – 11, Former Rotary Exchange Student

Larry Buhler, Rotary Club of Kenora

Elaine Thompson

Peter Neufeld


The Full Committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of every other month.  The Executive Committee meets on the second Thursday of the alternate months.  Please contact our Secretary at for further information.