Siddha Param

International Business Consultant
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

Siddha Param has over 20 years of corporate, commercial and social experience with a multicultural and international perspective. He has a deep understanding of business culture worldwide. He has negotiated settlement of international trade disputes involving Malaysian, Australian and Canadian companies.

Siddha Param graduated with an Honours Degree in Law from the University of London, United Kingdom in 1987. He practised as a lawyer/advocate & solicitor in commercial, corporate, banking, construction and civil law in Malaysia. His clients included Multinational Corporations in Malaysia.

He has conducted training programs on corporate governance, ethics, company practice, negotiations, intellectual property rights and international trade. He has also lectured under the University of London (External) Law Honours Degree program and the Anglia Polytechnic University Law Degree program in Malaysia. Subjects taught include the English Legal System, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Jurisprudence, Public International Law and Human Rights Law.

In community service he is active with the Winnipeg Transcona Rotary Club in Manitoba, Canada.

His publications include the areas of corporate ethical conduct, global trade and company law.

He is currently writing on, “the art of personal governance” in an environment of global trade.